Performitive Team-Building (1 & 2 Day Programs)

We use an arts-based approach with an eye to critical 21st century skills in our Team-Building designs, with the intention to develop these skills within a framework that is interactive, kinesthetic and fun.


Participants engage in a series of micro-challenges, each focused on a different aspect of their 21st Century skill portfolio, before culminating in a team arts project that is shared over a completion meal or ceremony.



  • Managing Communications within a team
  • Creative and Innovative thinking
  • Demonstrating agility with change
  • Practicing the collaborative spirit



  • Participants will emerge from the programme energized, excited, and more connected to each other and the skills they need to maintain team connectedness and viability.






The ability to craft a story around such topics as goals, brand or data is a critical skill for success in the the 21st century.  Without it, you stand on the sidelines as your colleagues and competitors take your audience and customers away from you.

At Performitivity we share a vast array of tools and techniques, and years of performance and practical experience, to help you develop your storytelling voice.  You will both learn about your intrinsic voice – the quality that makes your storying unique – and you will master the techniques all great story-tellers use to capture their audience.


Objectives include:

  • Overcoming performance freeze
  • Learning to recognize the narrative thread
  • Identifying the critical take-away
  • Recognizing and managing your audience
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Voice and Body language techniques



Participants will have the tools and training necessary to apply their Storying voice to goals, brand and data.



Power Up Your Voice


Power Up Your Voice! breaks down all the elements to a strong, confident, colourful and persuasive voice, giving you the skills to sway any audience. From body control to breathing, resonance to stress control, you will leave this workshop with everything you need to analyze, diagnose and exercise your voice, increasing your vocal performance ability.



Objectives include:


  • Connecting posture to voice
  • Breathing for stress-release and power
  • Resonance and the vowels
  • Articulators and the consonants
  • Diagnosing speech issues
  • Putting it all together
  • Voice maintenance exercise



Participants leave with the tools, exercises and attitudes necessary for a transformed voice.


Comments from Participants:


“I discovered my skills and abilities with my voice.”


“This workshop taught me how the mind, body and breathing affect the quality of the voice in communication.”


“The trainer was positive and engaging, making the workshop entertaining and enjoyable.”




Power Up Your Presentation

Whether formal (speaking with slides to an audience) or informal (leading a team meeting) the ability to deliver a technically proficient presentation is a critical 21st century skill.


Objectives include:

Foundations of voice

Body language

Identify the audience

Framing the story

The power of 3s

Handling Q&A



Participants will leave with workshop with dynamized skills and a stronger understanding of what makes a successful presentation




Power Up Your Slides

Too often an excellent performance by the presenter is sabotaged by slides which are too sloppy, too busy, or that take the focus away from the presenter and the presentation.

In this workshop, you will learn the psychology of sharing information, the power – and weakness – of visuals, and numerous technical skills for developing your slide-building mastery.


Objectives include:

Understanding the value and limits of visuals

Learning how to balance attention with support

The Aesthetics of color and style to promote your message

Making slides your servant, not your master



Participants will leave this workshop with the skills, attitude and knowledge to successfully integrate their slides – as a strong support – to their presentations.



Customer Service Skills

The lifeblood of every business is its customer base.  In a successful company, regardless of one’s role or position, EVERYONE is customer focused. Participants in this workshop will learn the key steps of the customer service lifecycle, their communications profile and strategies for maintaining a positivistic, customer-focus.


Objectives include:

Developing listening skills

HEAT strategy

Using DISC profile for better customer engagement

360 customer focus



Participants will leave this workshop with a new or renewed attitude toward customer relations, coupled with the skills and knowledge necessary for consistently high-level interactions.




Call Centre Mastery (foundation and advanced)

In an increasingly globalized world, remote customer service is the norm.  But developing a local workforce that can combine the three qualities of excellent remote service (product knowledge and proficiency, customer service mindset, cultural intelligence) is a challenge.


Objectives include:

Power Up Your Voice

Customer Service Mindset

Cultural Intelligence

Case Studies (product knowledge)



Participants will have a toolkit of skills and attitudes, increasing their performance and mastery.




Cultural Intelligence

Understanding the fundamental keys to a person’s behavior is critical in the 21st century global marketplace.  When working with companies and individuals from geographically distance areas, one particularly fruitful area is learning to recognize behaviours formed through culture: cultural intelligence.



Personal Development

This area of focus is geared towards helping organizational HR or individuals to identify the keys to a more productive, purposeful, masterful and mindful work experience.



This explosive area of research has introduced some startlingly effective conclusions for the 21st century workforce.  Drawing from intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, this workshop helps managers recognize the keys for drawing out the best performance from their team, and it can be used by individuals to self-motivate for life-, work- and personal goals.



One of the most stable and reliable personality profile systems, DISC is the starting point for any HR that wishes to better understand the dynamics of their staff.


Strengths Finder

Based on psycho-social research, Strengths Finder employs a ‘positivistic’ approach to personality profiling.  Focussing on a person’s strengths, it provides tools for manipulating those strengths such that they can be used for all situations.


            Virtues Project

This profiling system relies on the individual’s determination to explore the qualities – ‘virtues’ – that make a person morally and ethically well-rounded.  Through activities, discussion and reflection, this secular programme permits participants let go of pre-conceptions, and embrace the possibilities within themselves


Personal Productivity

Motivation, Goal-Setting, staying focused…are these areas of your life that seem to be out of your control?  This workshop presents you research-based approaches that can help transform you from an observer to a participant and from a follower to a leader.


Understanding Americans

The 21st century has become a global environment increasingly strange and dangerous.  Nations once considered safe places to move to or work in are in periods of transformation.  ‘Understanding Americans’ gives the non-American, future worker or expatriot an opportunity to dig underneath the surface of the great American myth, and understand the deep underlying cultural and geographic fissures that divide this country.  Through this workshop, you can better prepare yourself for the specific cultural values of your region, and avoid the trap of thinking tha the United States is homogenous.]


The End of Average

Are you Average?  This workshop will not only confirm that you are not, it will show you how, through our love-affair with average, we have short-changed ourselves and our teams.  This workshop will both demonstrate conclusively the limits of ‘average’ in measuring productivity, and it will introduce the new ‘science of the individual’ and how you can use it now.


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