Performitivity Pte Ltd dynamizes 21st century talent, for a more agile workforce, and a more empowered individual.



Performitivity Pte Ltd is a boutique training and development organization, whose focus is helping organizations and individuals dynamize talent.

We take pride in working with each client as an individual, understanding their individual needs, and crafting a kinesthetic, interactive programme based on best practice and theory while providing measurable outcomes.

We live in a time of economic volatility; no position is secure, and every employer needs a staff that can adjust to changing realities with agility.  Our overriding training goal is to help prepare every participant for this.

Empowerment and a spirit of innovation are essential qualities for thriving in the 21st century. Often all it takes to thrive is a willingness to look with fresh eyes at old problems.

Each employee is a corporation of one; we help organizations and individuals turn these pearls of talent into valuable, purpose-driven resources.

Because when we work with purpose, we perform beyond expectations.  We become performitivity.

What is ‘Dynamized Talent’?

Every organization aspires to make the best and most productive use of their employees skills. But how often do we lose an employee only to find they are soaring at a competitor using skills and talents we had no idea they possessed?

When we dynamize a persons talents, what we are doing is presenting frameworks within which each employee has a chance to articulate and present themselves in ways not previously seen by the organization. Through this empowerment, employees are aligned for agility, making them capable of

Through this process, talent identification takes place, and we then offer consultative services to best turn that awareness into an actionable training process.

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